Artomatic Begins!

Tonight is Artist's Night at Artomatic Frederick! I'll be there this evening to talk to people about my new high-contrast photographs and probably pass out some cookies. Liz suggest something black and white, so I'm thinking Oreos. My installation is at room 14 building 117, so come on and take a look if you make it up there.

I'll also be doing my volunteer work this weekend, so I'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday as well. Also, I think that there will be a social gathering more friends-oriented next Friday as well. So if you can't make tonight, the 13th is also a great opportunity to see the show and hang out with friends.

You can also see great stuff there from jennytheonly, syntart, and skkyechan, as well as hundreds of other area artists!

Macro Lens

I haven't been so good about posting photography stuff here lately, but having been given both a 55mm macro lens and a statue of (what Liz believes is) Helios and his chariot, I decided to spend what looked like a good snowing in experimenting in the basement and post the results. Maybe get back into the habit of using LJ?

(click image to enlarge)

Now the snow is all melted but I'm still pleased with how I spent my Saturday morning.

Strobist details below the cut.

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Congratulations to Bill and Lee

It's been a few months since I've posted anything here, which is kind of funny, considering I've spent more time behind cameras in the past couple months than probably the whole previous year. Of course, shooting the movie is a lot different than shooting photographs, and I am starting to feem a little bit for strobes and stills.

But on the photo-shooting note, I was fortunate enough to celebrate the wedding of two of my friends this past Saturday (Bill and Lee), and get some shutter time in as well.

Oh, and there were Dragons.


Words just aren't really enough to describe Kauai. So I'll leave it to these.

I will say that I am very grateful to have an awesome friend who was willing to let share us a week with him at his timeshare out in Puipo. Thanks again, Mark.

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July JDRF Ride to the Cure/Bootcamp 3-1

I'd like to introduce you all to Makenna Missal, who's participating in this year's JDRF Ride to the Cure event in Burlington Vermont on July 30th. This a 100 mile ride she will be taking with her father Brad to raise awareness and funding for Juvenile Diabetes research.

That's a hell of a commitment for a 13 year old to make, and should you like to know more, take a look at her rider page here.

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Safety Goggles are for losers


I'm running about 2 photo shoots behind on what I'm posting here, and it's just getting worse. What's funny is that I'm really developing a good workflow and import procedure, and even taking concious effort to not take a shot unless I think it's got more redeeming qualities than "hey, this is a cool thing".

I think a lot of it is I'm spending a lot more time in photoshop and other tools trying to squeeze just a little bit more out of the pixels than my composition gave me to work with.

At the last Quicksilver shoot I really didn't take all that many pictures, but there were two that I did take that I put a lot of effort into getting just right. With the amazing Baska's help and a little bit of luck (and not a little photoshop), here are my 'villainess' shots:

You can click em to enlarge em.

Caesarea. Qisarya. You know, ruins.

The Roman ruins at Caesarea are photography crack. Geometric lines, grandiose architecture, the complementary orange stone against the blue sky and water of the ocean, it's small wonder that I wandered out of there with over 800 shots.

Of course, nobody wants to wade through 800 photographs. So, with much gnashing of teeth and chewing of nails, here's just 20.

Click on the image to... oh, you know.

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